Honor's Association


Saint Ferdinand Catholic School is a proud official member of the National Junior Honor Society
(NJHS). Students in the middle school grades may apply to become members of the NJHS.
Applications are available from the eighth grade teacher and should be submitted directly to
him/her when completed. The eighth grade teacher will then submit the completed application to
a NJHS faculty council. The NJHS faculty council reviews all student applications and makes decisions to
accept or deny students to the NJHS. Members of the faculty council base their decisions to
accept or decline students on the following criteria.

  1. Scholarship: the scholarship requirement for members is based on the cumulative grade point average. The minimum grade point average allowable is 85%, or a 3.0 average.
  2. Leadership: NJHS students must demonstrate leadership and be influential in promoting positive school ideals.
  3. Service: service is a strong component of the National Junior Honor Society. Service must be initiated by the student and should not involve any financial or material compensation for the student performing the service.
  4. Citizenship: an NJHS student must demonstrate citizenship. A student who shows citizenship has a regard for freedom and justice and demonstrates participation and responsibility through involvement with such activities as Boy/Girl Scouting, community organizations and school organizations.
  5. Character: an NJHS student must demonstrate good character, which includes showing respect, responsibility, trustworthiness, fairness, caring and citizenship.

The eighth grade teacher will communicate the admissions decisions of the NJHS faculty council
to students who have submitted their applications within one school week of the council’s
decisions. Parents and students are reminded that admission into the NJHS is a privilege and not
a right of our students. As an active participant in the NJHS, the school is bound by the
regulations set by the NJHS for admissions decisions. With this in mind, students who wish to
appeal an admission’s decision should appeal in writing directly to the principal within five (5)
calendar days of communication of the decision.