Technology Program

Saint Ferdinand Catholic School is dedicated to providing our students with an excellent education. One of the ways that we strive to do this is through the use of 21st century technology. We have a full-time Technology Coordinator on staff who is responsible for guiding, assessing, planning, developing, and executing state-of-the-art information technologies in support of all academic disciplines. The technology program’s mission is to support our Saint Ferdinand Catholic School students, faculty and staff in the use of current technologies that will enhance and strengthen the teaching and learning processes.

Our school has a computer lab with PC computers, all networked with one another. These computers currently run Windows XP and all have Microsoft Office Suite 2007. All of our computers are connected to the internet and have printing privileges. In addition to our desktops PCs, Saint Ferdinand Catholic School has a portable Mac laptop lab with 20 Macbook computers. Teachers may use these Macbooks in daily instruction in addition to the weekly Computer Lab training students receive. Our students have the advantage to learn how to use both PC and Mac operating systems.

Students today communicate through iPods, Wikis, web posts, podcasts and blogs. At Saint Ferdinand Catholic School, we’ve taken on the challenge of teaching all of the skills and knowledge that our children will need to enter the job market and be able to exchange ideas with others around the world in an instant. To bring our educational program into the 21st  century we have partnered with Apple to provide one-to-one iPad and Macbook programs for our students. Students will be able to use their iPads and and Macbooks to compliment and enhance daily instruction.

Continuously improving our technology program and its integration into our curriculum is one of the ways that we inspire our students to reach their God-given potential in tomorrow’s world. At Saint Ferdinand Catholic School, offering a cutting-edge technology program is our goal. We are where inspiration begins!