Parent Testimonials

Our  parents take great pride in Saint Ferdinand Catholic School. We are grateful for a strong community of support among our parents! Hear what our parents have to say about us…

+ “Our teachers not only give their all in the class, but, also plan, promote and conduct a multitude of wonderful events which join us as a community in spirit.”

Gloria, 7th Grade Mother

+ “We chose St. Ferdinand School because my children learn the ‘Good News’ of Jesus and use it in everyday life.
We chose St. Ferdinand because the teachers and anxillary support are always working/challeging student to reach their full potential.  With the close knit group of teachers and parents, I feel my children are safe and are being taken care of.  I am notified right away of any issues. ”

Angie,  4th & 8th Grade Mother

+ “I really enjoy St. Ferdinand School, the staff treat you like family.  I have been at this school for 10 years. Being the primary educator at home to my children and with the school’s help, I have seen my two boys grow and mature with strong morals & ethics with the teaching from St. Ferdinand School.”

Lily, 7th Grade Mother

+ “I love the fact that we are all a big family! We can count on each other for anything, from bringing your child out to the car when you have a little one sleeping or by asking  the parents to keep an eye out on eachother kids when we go on field trips. That’s what families do, we look out for eachother.  ‘We can count on each other, like a real family’.”

Jasmin, Kindergarten & 5th Grade Mother

+ “We love St. Ferdinand Catholic School because it provides a safe learning environment for our daughter. Religion is incorporated in the curriculum and she enjoys interacting with both the instructors and her classmates.”

Bertha, 6th Grade Parent