Profile of a Graduate

At Saint Ferdinand Catholic School, our philosophy is alive and well. Saying we believe that every child is an expression of the brilliance of God is not just a stale line in a book. This belief permeates the very fabric of who we are. It shows itself in our teachers who tutor their students free of charge after school three times a week. It shows in the way our students are treated and treat one another.

Our dedication to student achievement is the reason for our success. We are proud of the great work that we do with our families in forming the citizens of tomorrow. Our goal is to work earnestly as a school so as to form graduates who are

+ disciples of Christ whose hearts and minds are rooted in the Gospel and committed to a life of Catholic-Christian service

+ well prepared for the demands of the twenty-first century, primarily through a strong foundation in math and science

Inspiring in students the desire to reach for the potential that God has given them is a challenge, but one that we meet with gladness. We are Saint Ferdinand Catholic School, where inspiration begins!