Student Testimonails

Word of mouth, of course, is the best testament of a great product. At Saint Ferdinand Catholic School it is no different. We take seriously our obligation to teach as Jesus did and to challenge our students to be productive citizens. This is why we have such a wonderful track record. But don’t take our word for it, hear it straight from our students!

+  “I love St. Ferdinand because I have made lots of new friends and I learn about Jesus and religion.”

Joshua, 4th Grade

+ “I like the extra-curricular activities at Saint Ferdinand, how the technology program has been growing  over the years, and how in the middle school we get to change classes and we get our own lockers.”

Michael, 6th Grade

+ “All of my teachers are willing to help me and we have a very strong sense of community.”

Amanda, 8th Grade

+ “At Saint Ferdinand we have good teachers with high expectations. That makes us work harder. We also have lots of fun at school. We have days like Fun Day. I like working in the computer lab. My favorite is adding animations into our PowerPoint presentations.” 

Elena, 6th Grade