Leveled Reading Lists

Saint Ferdinand Catholic School has adopted the Fountas and Pinnell reading, writing and comprehension assessment program. This comprehensive program allows the school to identify a very precise reading level for each student. Once a student's reading level has been identified, students may read books that are written at their level. This is important as it allows students to be challenged an an appropriate reading level without making the task too easy or too difficult. As students read books at their reading level, they will master that level and graduate to the next reading level.

Students at Saint Ferdinand Catholic School are assessed using this program at three times during the school year to measure student development. Each school family can access their child's individual reading level through their child's teacher.

Fountas and Pinnell have carefully indexed thousands of books to rank their level. Below you will find an extensive list of reading materials organized by reading level. Parents are strongly encouraged to download the appropriate list for their child and use it to guide the selection of reading materials to continue to help their child grow in reading, comprehension  and writing skills.